Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Blue Ball Gown

It never fails, I don't think I have ever made a article of clothing for myself that is not blue (this is quite unconsciously I might add), there was that burgundy cape dress I made but I don't really wear it often, the sleeves just don't seem right to me. Sigh...

Anyway, back to the dress, So I knew exactly what I wanted the bodice to look like, short puffy sleeves, double darted bodice, I wanted the back to have a princess seam and a hook and eye closure. I was trying to decide between cartridge pleating, knife pleats, or double box pleats for the skirt and finally decided on double box pleats wrapping around the front and to the back with the very center back having small cartridge pleats to add extra fullness to the skirt.

my blue cotton fabric I bought at a amish quilt shop

the pattern I came up with after a couple of mock-ups (no the neckline is not it's finished size since I was not sure at first how wide I was going to end up making it)

front bodice before the dart were sewn

back bodice

back bodice side


  1. Beautiful Barbara! You look great in blue, and I love the style!

  2. Oh my gosh Barbara! that's beautiful! I love the color!