A Stitch In Time (my main Blog)
My more general every day kinda blog that  mostly revolves around arts such as knitting, tatting, quilting, cooking, baking, weaving, calligraphy, crocheting, sewing, crafts and basically whatever I want to post!

Stitches of Inspiration (another of my blogs)
Anything having to do with clothing from various era's.

Ageless Patterns
A pattern catalog. I have never bought a pattern from them but I tend to browse their patterns for inspiration.

Antique Corset Gallery
Basically the name explains it all. It's an antique corset gallery.

Earthly Angels
One lady's collection of CDV's posted for your enjoyment.

Godey's Lady's Book
A collection of articles and images from the magazine. 

Harpers Bazar
A collection of articles and images from the magazine. 

As I remember it is compiling of articles, patterns and portraits of many different era's.

The Fashionable Past
A lady's website displaying many different era's of clothing she has designed and made. She often posts her patterns and instructions. 

The Lady's Resource
A collection of links to free patterns.

The Sewing Academy
Let's see if I can remember this one... nope. I do remember that they have a few free patterns with instructions though.

Tidens Tøj
A Dutch web-site that displays a collection of antique clothing from many era's. It's pretty easy to get around the site though I know no dutch :)

Vintage Victorian
Humm.... another link I can't remember!  I'll have to take a look back at this one soon.

World Turned Upside Down

Nineteenth Century Fashions

Bonnie Blue Historical Help
A resource for lady reenactors who are trying to build a wardrobe.