Monday, December 27, 2010

Making a Dressform

Note: The form is not finished, it needs to be filled and covered. I will complete this post when I get around to that :)

Dress Form Process:

Get everything you need ready. 

     1. What you will need: 
    • time, I spent from 12:00 am to 9:00 pm on this project!
    • patience, which I surprisingly had allot of 
    • good posture, your going to need to stand strait and rigid the whole time
    • scissors, remember your going to need to get out of your form
    • garbage bag
    • newspaper 
    • flour & water paste
    • hairdryer
    • duct tape
    • paper tape 
    • water and sponge/washcloth for paper tape
    • measuring tape to help ensure accurate measurements on your finished form  
    • at least one person to help, I was blessed with three sisters :) 

    Two of my sisters reading the comics before pasting them on me :)
    2. Read everything on the newspapers that looks like it is worth reading.  Though I would debate with my sisters about the comics being not worth reading.

      Building up the neck and strengthening the arm openings.