Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Curtain Gown

Ok, so I had 4 full days to make a ball gown with 2 curtains, some dark brown fabric and a bit of mustard colored fabric and... I must not forget, a good friend by my side who helped me so much more than she thinks! Ps. That ugly fabric didn't seem so ugly when the dress was done. In fact my friend looked very nice in it! Do you think?

My friend and I

mom and my friend

do you see her.................................^

working on the bodice

because of limited time I cheated and put an invisible zipper in... shhh!

knife pleating the skirt
Note: do you see a bolt of dark blue fabric in the back there?
I made "The Blue Ball Gown" with that fabric.

pleated, ready for the waistband

I wish I had more and better pictures. Oh well!

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