Monday, July 19, 2010

Ball Gowns

Peterson's, January 1862
Left: Evening dress of pink tulle,
Right: Ball gown of white tarletane,
trimmed with black lace.
Quite an interesting pose there with the fan, so graceful looking.

(Peterson's, January 1863)
Right: Ball dress of white silk trimmed with quillings of white ribbon. The upper dress is of spotted lace trimmed with Vesuvius red ribbon. Head-dress of blue cornflowers and blue velvet ribbon. The dress on the left is described as a "house dress"). MY! What a pretty house dress!

Hmm... neat! a square neckline, actually these dresses are described to be evening dresses.
My! I have allot to learn. I can't tell ball gowns and evening dresses apart yet :(

Pointed Bodices were quite popular it seems.

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