Saturday, June 26, 2010

Split Drawers

1869 Split Drawers
Made of muslin and trimmed on the bottom with a strip of Nainsook worked in buttonhole stitch
in a Grecian pattern, and with six stitched tucks of embroidered Nainsook insertions.
Yardage - Approx 2 1/4 yds 45" wide

1869 Lady's Drawers
26-34 Waist
Made of fine dimity, gathered on the under edges and set into a binding,
which is ornamented with several rows of stitching
and edged on each side with a Nainsook ruffle edged with linen lace.
Yardage - Approx 2 3/4 yds 45" wide

1877 Lady's Drawers
Size Medium
Drawers #1 are made of muslin trimmed with narrow tucks, needlework insertion and needlework ruffles.
Drawers #2 are made of muslin with a binding on the legs with ruffles trimmed with Spanish lace.
Yardage - Approx 5 1/4 yds 36" wide

Other Random Photos and Drawings of Split Drawers

GRSP-401 Civil War Era Split Drawers Pattern
This is a more modern style, but I included the photo since the construction is so clear.

Victorian Split Drawers by thegatherings.

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