Sunday, June 6, 2010

1860's Gown Color Plate

Description of the colored plate,

(Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, February 1862)

BALL DRESS. - The wreath is composed of geraniums, is made full and high in the front, and open behind, terminating on each side with a spray of flowers. The hair is plated behind, and dressed in loops. The dress is exceedingly elegant when made up, and may be composed of tarletane, crêpe, or silk, or a mixture of crêpe and silk. As the latter is by far the prettiest mode of making this dress, we will give the description of it in those materials. The underskirt is composed of white glacé silk, ornamented at the bottom with four puffings of cerise or pink silk, each puffing being edged with narrow black blonde. The upper skirt, which is of white crêpe, is as long as the silk skirt, and is looped up on each side, just above the top puffing, with large bunches of geraniums and wreaths of the same flowers, which are carried to the point of the body. The body is made of plain white silk, and the berthé of white crêpe, cut pointed, and ornamented with two rows of quilled silk ribbon, edged with black blonde. The sleeve consists of one large puff of white crêpe, finished off with a small bunch of geraniums, whilst a bouquet of the same flowers ornaments the dress on front. The dress would look very pretty made entirely of crêpe, with pink crêpe puffings, or it might be composed of tarlatane, the latter material being the most inexpensive to use for a ball dress. Blue trimmings might be used with good effect for a blonde complexion.

EVENING DRESS. - The wreath is composed of graduated roses, finished off behind with two hanging sprays. The dress is of green tarlatane, figured with black leaves, and trimmed with black velvet. It is made with three skirts, trimmed with plain sarsnet ribbon, edged with broad and narrow black velvet, there being four rows on each skirt. The body has a round waist, is quite plain, with simple puffed sleeves, and a green silk band. The braces, which cross behind and before, are of green ribbon, trimmed with black velvet, the braces being shaped to a point at the waist.


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