Sunday, May 30, 2010

Corset, 1868

Circa.1868. A short corset made from lightweight drab batiste, and boned with cane. This wouldn't have been a very expensive corset during it's day and most likely would have been worn during the summer.
Cut short in the body just gently cupping the breasts, high in the hips and high at the lowerback, this style would have been worn during the late 1860's when high "Empire" waists were popular and having a excessively small waist was not important as the crinoline created an illusion of a tiny waist. The busk is slightly curved for comfort and is quite flexible. There are metal grommet holes at the back. The inside stay tape,the inside of the busk are made out of drab canvas as is the backing of the grommet holes. 31" bust 24 1/2" waist. Busk is 8 1/2" long.~

Short Corset

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